Burley Leak Detection, Utility Location, Radar & Image

Are you looking for radar detection, leak detection, or utility location services in the Burley area? These vital services play a huge role in the success of construction projects, renovations, and can prevent small issues from developing into emergency situations. We are also experts locating leaks in your snow melt systems, saving you valuable time and money all year round. At Advanced Underground Imaging, we have served the community for years and we are proud to be a locally owned company with the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. From locating a leak in a pipe to determining the position of utility lines, we are here to assist commercial and residential customers alike. Our Burley radar detection, leak detection, and utility location services allow customers throughout Idaho to tackle new projects with peace of mind. Whether you are concerned about a leak from a water line, spa, radiant heat system, pool, or fire main, we can pinpoint the location of the leak and prevent a greater problem from developing. We also specialize in radar detection, imaging, and utility location giving us the ability to find electrical, gas, communications, or water lines, prior to a site being developed or restructured. These factors are critical in the success of a project, and we are here to make sure your project stays on track. To learn more about our radar detection, leak detection, or utility location services in Burley and surrounding areas, please contact our team at Advanced Underground Imaging.

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