Rentable Ground Heaters in Twin Falls & Idaho

Whether you're thawing frozen ground or pipes, curing concrete, or trying to keep your job site's construction materials dry; these ground heaters will get the job done. You wouldn't want to work with wet, moldy, and damaged materials.

Are you hosting an event and need space heating? These multi purpose heaters can provide excellent heating for whatever job you need. Perfect for buildings still under construction or equipment that need to be heated up before it will start. Whatever the job calls for - these ground heaters in Idaho and Twin Falls will enhance your operation and service ability.

Try one of these ground heaters in Twin Falls or Idaho and see the difference it will make!


The Maxi-Heat® MH500iQTM FCS is designed to provide heat in harsh conditions with two independently operating heater units providing up to a combined 1,000,000 BTU’s of heat. The iQ system automatically calibrates each heater unit so you don't have to change nozzles or test and retest with a smoke spot tester. The iQ system continuously monitors the heater, producing a higher degree of fuel efficiency with less soot and smoke. With a Fluid Containment System (FCS) and a single cell, double wall steel fuel tank, this heater is a top choice for worry free jobsites.

Main Features

  • iQ System Simplifies Calibration of Heater
  • Twin Heater Units Produce 1,000,000 Combined BTU’s
  • Ability to operate single burner at 500,000 BTUs
  • Fluid Containment System
  • Single Cell Double Wall Steel Fuel Tank
  • Caterpillar or Optional Isuzu Liquid-Cooled Diesel Engine
  • 16" or Dual 12" Duct Flange Outlets
  • GPS Ready (Customer Supplied)


  • Thermostat Package
  • Remote thermostat
  • Lead extension
  • Lockable Battery Disconnect
  • Intake Air Shutdown
  • Custom Paint
Power System
Model MH-C1.5 MH-I3CE
Engine Brand Caterpillar Isuzu
Engine Model C1.5 3CE
EPA Emissions Certified Tier 4 Final Tier 4 Final
Output @ Rated Speed (1,800 RPM) - HP 18.8 19.9
Engine Electrical System (V) 12 12
Alternator – Automatic Voltage Regulator (VAC) 120 / 240 120 / 240
Frequency (Hz) / Phase 60 / 1-phase 60 / 1-phase
Prime Power (kW)* 9 9
Battery 800 CCA @ 0°F deep cycle 800 CCA @ 0°F deep cycle
Engine Starting System Glow plug cold starting Glow plug cold starting
Fuel Capacity gal (L) 175 (662.4) 175 (662.4)
Operating Time (hrs)** 30.2 30.0
Heater Unit (2) MCS500iQ indirect-fired heating units
Control Type iQ System – Automatically calibrates burner for temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. Provides damper setting on color display, and information on efficiency, target and actual outlet temperatures.
BTU per hour Up to 515,000
Maximum Temperature – Output Temperature Rise Output 230°F (110°C)
Static Pressure (in WC) 2.3
Heated Air Output (CFM) 3,200
Length in (mm) 190.3 (4,834)
Width in (mm) 80.0 (2,032)
Height – Top of Stack in (mm) 86.3 (2,192)
Shipping Weight lbs (kg) 4,620 (2,095)
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) lbs (kg) 6,000 (2,722)
Towing Connection Reversible Coupler: Adjustable height 2" Bulldog® and 3" Pintle
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E3000 Ground Heater

Start to finish... all the heat you need!

Main Features

  • Thaw ground and pipes - quickly, easily, and economically

    • 6,000 sq. ft., standard
    • up to 6,000 sq. ft. in 1/2 the time, with accessories
    • Varies based on soil conditions in Twin Falls and Idaho. Complete a Ground Heaters’ Thaw Cost Estimate.
  • Cure concrete - in cold weather with confidence

    • up to 6,000 sq. ft., standard
    • up to 18,000 sq. ft., with accessories
    • Varies based on application. Complete a Ground Heaters’ Cure Cost Estimate.
  • Prevent frost - large areas, very economically

    • up to 9,000 sq. ft., standard
    • up to 27,000 sq. ft., with accessories
  • Heat workspace - dry heat and fuel efficient

    • up to 535,000 cu. ft., with accessories
    • Varies based on application. Ask your dealer for an Air Heat Cost Estimate.
  • Up to 140 hours run-time
  • Engineered for reliable, trouble-free starts
  • Easy to operate • Economical
  • Dependable • Built Tundra ToughTM
  • 83% heater efficiency - highest in the industry
  • Economical
  • Built Tundra Tough TM
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Thawzall Heatzone

Thawzall’s vision is fairly simple. As a team, we want to provide the very best equipment to our valued customers. Our relationships within our team and with our customers are faith based and predicated on honesty, trust, fidelity and respect. Balance sheet growth and employee personal growth are tandem precepts Thawzall intertwines as it prepares for the future. At the end of the day, Thawzall wants a better world for its customers and its employees.

Thaw Area 3,000 SQ FT 278 m²
With additional hose 6,000 SQ FT 550 m²
Concrete curing area 6,000 SQ FT 550 m²
With accessories 18,000 SQ FT 1,670 m²
Frost prevention 9,000 SQ FT 840 m²
With accessories 27,000 SQ FT 2,500 m²
Heat buildings 400,000 CU FT 11,320 m³
Operating Pressure 1 - 5 psi 6895 Pa-34474 Pa
Fuel Consumption (full load) 1.0 GPH 4.54 LPH
Run Time 3 + days 3 + days
Pump Capacity 30 GPM/1,800 GPH 110 PM/6,800 LPH

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We serve most areas in the NorthWest, providing ground heaters for pipe and ground thawing in Twin Falls and Idaho
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