Sun Valley Leak Detection, Utility Location, Radar & Image

For premier leak detection, utility location, and radar detection in Sun Valley, turn to the expert team at Advanced Underground Imaging. Our services are valuable whether you are beginning a new construction project or a remodel. From detecting leaks to locating cables buried underground, hiring us now could prevent a huge problem later in your project. Home and business owners alike hire us to expertly locate utility lines underground including gas, electrical, and communication lines, as well as leaks in underground pipes.

Leak Detection: Find leaks without digging, even in hard to reach areas.

Utility Locating: Determine location and depth of all utility lines before construction begins.

Ground Penetrating Radar: Mark the location of any underground targets, metallic or non-metallic.

Pipe Camera: Take video inside of a pipe to locate leaks or other issues.

Utility Mapping: Gain an accurate understanding of the utility lines without having to dig.

Electrical Fault Locating: Easily locate faults or breaks in electrical lines.

Hydronic Leak Detection: We can identify any issues in a hot water system and pinpoint leaks.

Snow Melt Leak Detection: Detect issues with your snow melt system with thermal leak detection.

Electro Magnetic Scanning: We use advanced electromagnetic scanning technology to produce accurate results.

Septic System Locations: : Contact our team to quickly and accurately map your septic system.

Drain Field Locating: : Locate your septic system’s drain field with our underground mapping technology.

Beginning any new construction, regardless of the scale, must be approached with caution to ensure no unexpected problems pop up. With our Sun Valley leak detection, utility location, and radar detection, you can gain peace of mind knowing we will detect any issues before they erupt into an emergency situation. We can scan underground areas for leaks in pipes, survey fire mains, and check in areas you plan to dig up for electrical or gas lines. When you hire us for your project, you will have a valuable partner to ensure its success.

Contact Advanced Underground Imaging today to learn more about our radar detection, ground heaters, leak detection, and utility location services in Sun Valley. We look forward to helping you complete your project successfully and without hassle.

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